Welcome to the Michigan Koi & Pond Club Website

The purpose of the Michigan Koi & Pond Club is to promote the keeping, appreciating and exhibiting of Koi, also known as Nishikigoi, as well as water gardening as a hobby. The Club engages in educational activities related to our hobby and strives to disseminate information to our members and to the general public.

The MKPC was founded in 1996 and continues to meet monthly from March through November. We strive to provide an array of topics and educational activities that are both interesting and useful for our members whether a newcomer to this hobby or an experienced pond keeper. Monthly newsletters are sent to our members from March through October. Our Pond Tour is an annual event for us and is located in a different city each year within the tri-county area around Detroit. In 2012, the MKPC held its first Koi Show which has now become an annual event.

Meetings and events are generally held the third Saturday of the month, usually at 1 pm. Please visit the Upcoming Events section for more information on our next meeting.

We appreciate your interest and encourage newcomers to contact us if you have any questions. 

2017 Calendar of Events

March 25

Best Practices


  • Chairperson: Dan Mihaesue
  • Where: Home of Bruce & Debbie Modetz
  • Start: 1:00pm

April 15

Rotary Drum Filtration with guest speaker Mike Swanson of Koi Acres


  • Chairperson: Sylvia Paddy & Ray Alexander
  • Where: Home of Sylvia Paddy
  • Start: 1:00pm

May 20



We’ve all heard the statement “You are what you eat”. This is true of every living creature on this earth. For fish in captivity, other than water quality nothing is more important than good sound nutrition.

Most creatures have different nutritional requirements, and our Koi have to be fed differently than a dog or cat. Even if our koi consume the feed we give them but are unable to utilize it because of some nutrient deficiency, they will not do well. An undernourished organism cannot maintain it’s health regardless of it’s environment.

No matter the genetics of the koi or the sophistication of the filter system or the amount of oxygen in the water or the size of the pond, Koi cannot reach their potential without correct nutrition over a sustained period of time.

Understanding that nutrition plays a vital role in the health koi, remember that your koi are dependent on you to provide them with sound nutrition.

I invite all of you to attend our May club meeting on Koi nutrition, your koi will thank you.

Ervin Daniels
Certified KHA (Koi Health Advisor)

  • Chairperson: Ervin Daniels
  • Where: @ Modetz home or Livonia
  • Start: 1:00pm


June 10

MKPC Annual Koi Auction & Silent Auction


  • Chairperson: Dan Mihaesue, Time Herrington, & Arvin Daniels
  • Where: Home of Tim & Stella Herrington
  • Start: 1:00pm

July 15

Michigan Koi & Pond Club’s Annual Pond Tour in Commerce


  • Chairperson: Ervin Daniels, Richard Rubinstein, Bruce Modetz
  • Starting Location: TBD
  • Start: 10:00am – 5:00pm

August 24-26

The Michigan Koi & Pond Club’s 6th Koi Show


  • Chairperson: Ray & Teri Alexander
  • Where: The Pond Place of Michigan in Milford
  • Time: TBA

September – TBD

Filtration w/road trip to Saginaw


  • Chairperson: Bruce Modetz, Mary & Terry Andrews
  • Where: Home of Mary & Terry Andrews in Saginaw
  • Start: 1:00pm

October 21

Planning Meeting / Annual Business Meeting


  • Chairperson: Teri Alexander
  • Where: Eastside Mario’s Restaurant in Livonia
  • Start: 11:00am

December 2

Holiday Party @ the home of Dillon Stevenson


  • Chairperson: TBD
  • Where: Home of Dillon Stevenson
  • Start: TBD