Derik and I had the privilege of hosting this year’s Koi Auction. As in past the 2011 event proved to be a huge success. The weather cooperated, the hot dogs and ice cream were plentiful, the biding was consistent, and our guests were enthusiastic.

Thank you Jerry Hodak (where ever you are) for not letting it rain. Thanks to Derik for grilling the hot dogs and a special thank you to Wanda for sharing her famous sauerkraut and veggies.

For those who aren’t aware, it takes many skillful hands to set up for the auction. The action began on Friday night with Ron Kardynski, helping us put up tents and show tanks. The morning of the auction Ray and Teri Alexander came early with the fish delivery from Kodama Koi Farm. Our thanks to everyone for all their hard work and patience.

Ron filled the duties of auctioneer in Gil’s absent, he did a terrific job and even dressed for the occasion. We missed you Gil !

Our cleanup crew was quick, fast and efficient. Derik slept well that night knowing his garages were neat and tidy.

Hope everyone had a good time, we sure did!

Derik and Lauren Kaiser