2011 Plant Exchange

The drive to Oxford may have seemed long for some, but once there, you were not disappointed.  As you arrived at the Daniel’s home, the talents of Chef Ervin at his BBQ filled the air.  As you entered the backyard the natural setting of rolling hills and acres of woods put you in a very relaxing […]

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2011 IKONA Koi Show

Over the Labor Day weekend the Alexander’s and Kardynski’s had the pleasure of attending and participating in the Second Annual Internet Koi Of North America (IKONA) Koi Show.  The IKONA club was formed in 2007 with the purpose of linking hobbyists together through the modern technology of the internet.  This club is able to reach […]

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2011 Mid-Atlantic Koi America

Behind the scene at this year’s Koi America had the “Michigan Group” heavily involved in set up and support of the show.  The Alexander’s and Kardynski’s Thursday morning started at 8:00am setting up 36 show tanks and laying out vendor booths.  Late Thursday and Friday morning attendees started to arrive with their Koi for competitions. Vendors […]

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