2012 Pond Closing at Grassroots Nursery

The meeting at Grassroots Nursery was a discussion that provided information that will be of help in closing ponds for the winter.  Scott Bates had a lot of energy and a lot of knowledge and used a down to earth approach for things you can do with little cost to you to prepare you koi, […]

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2012 Mini Pond Tour & Landscaping

The Mini Pond Tour was very enjoyable.  Thanks to Fred Mitschke for finding 3 great ponds.  Teri and I had never seen Christa Zugg’s pond or met her although we had heard about her place, and her home was the first stop.  These 3 ponds were worth the drive!  Many members from Metro Detroit Pond […]

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July 2012 Chicago Koi Show

Quite a few from our Club drove to Darrien, Illinois for the 2012 MKPS Koi Show which is known as the Chicago Show.  Here are just a few pictures that I took.  MKPC members chose a beautiful Kujacku to award our Friendship Stone.  This Kujacku is owned by Charles Phelps of Kentucky.  Mary and Terry […]

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2012 Tri-State ZNA Koi Show

The recently organized Tri-State ZNA Koi Club (which just started up last year), held its first Koi Show this year under the leadership of Phillip Gray of Long Island on June 22-24.  Phillip is a good friend of mine so I promised to come and help him.  Paul Baresi came with me and he also helped wherever […]

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2012 Koi Auction

Thank you to our wonderful hosts of this year, Sylvia and Mike paddy. We were fortunate to have sunny weather as well as a great yard with beautiful gardens and, of course, a beatuiful pond.  Sylvia and Mike’s koi all looked happy and healthy and it was a pleasure to sit and relax in the […]

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2012 Northern Midwest ZNA Show

Ray and I had thought of attending this Koi Show but we figured we had too much to do to fit this in.  But, at the last minute we drove to Carmel, Indiana and spent the day.  The drive was nice and enjoyable.  Saw friends like Steve and Cheryl Childers, Ray Jordan, Phillip Gray, Bryan and Bay Bateman, […]

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Filtration Seminar

Wow!  This is what this hobby is all about: koi, ponds, goodwill, hugs, Coney dogs, and expert advice.

Steve and Cheryl Childers arrived at noon on Friday, May 18 and after some coney dogs we visited the site of our IKONA?MKPS Labor Day weekend Koi Show and then we were off to visit five ponds with […]

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