There were 9 wonderful ponds on this year’s MKPC Pond and Water Garden Tour.  Thank you to Mary Lou & Jack Susami, Dave & Pat Neil, Nanette & Frank Reid, Kim Craig, Betti & Ken Pool, Donna & Jim Comer, Carol & James Taylor, Ernestine & Rick Venable, and Cindy & Dominick Schiano for sharing their pond and gardens with us.  There was such a variety of ponds; some were in full sun, some in full shade, those with and those without waterfalls, a variety of sizes of the ponds, and a wide range of plants around the ponds and in the gardens.  I enjoyed reading the “Owner’s advice” for each of the ponds.  I personally relate to the comment from the Schiano’s who stated “…The rhythm of the water flowing makes the pond a haven for peace and tranquility.  It’s hard to accept that winter is coming and shut down the pond in the fall.”

We got lucky and the rain passed us by till the tour was done.  We got a little wet as we were closing up for the day.  Thank you to all of our koi kops, who are too numerous for me to list but who volunteered to help at each of the ponds.  The registration volunteers were great, they worked the entire day registering people for the tour, giving directions, answering questions, selling raffle tickets and manning the koi store.  Thank you Bruce for putting the goody bags together for the volunteers.

Congratulations to the winners of the 4 raffles!   The bench was won by Mr/Mrs.Rice, the cute little koi was won by MKPC members Keith & Barbara Korpi, the gift certificate to Wiegands Nursery was won by a gentleman from Ann Arbor who says they drive the distance out to Wiegands Nursery all the time, and the winner of the granite lantern which was generously donated by AguaFina was Lauren Kaiser.

Thanks to the hard work of a small group of people we had a great day!  Without John Rae, Sylvia Paddy, Lauren & Derik Kaiser and my husband, Ray, there wouldn’t have been a pond tour.

Looking forward to next year’s tour.

Teri Alexander