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2012 Pond Closing at Grassroots Nursery

The meeting at Grassroots Nursery was a discussion that provided information that will be of help in closing ponds for the winter.  Scott Bates had a lot of energy and a lot of knowledge and used a down to earth approach for things you can do with little cost to you to prepare you koi, […]

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2012 Koi Auction

Thank you to our wonderful hosts of this year, Sylvia and Mike paddy. We were fortunate to have sunny weather as well as a great yard with beautiful gardens and, of course, a beatuiful pond.  Sylvia and Mike’s koi all looked happy and healthy and it was a pleasure to sit and relax in the […]

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Filtration Seminar

Wow!  This is what this hobby is all about: koi, ponds, goodwill, hugs, Coney dogs, and expert advice.

Steve and Cheryl Childers arrived at noon on Friday, May 18 and after some coney dogs we visited the site of our IKONA?MKPS Labor Day weekend Koi Show and then we were off to visit five ponds with […]

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Koi Identification

Thanks to Ray Jordan, speaker at our April event, and thanks to our wonderful hosts, Bruce and Debbie Modetz, we had an enjoyable educational seminar.

Thirty-four were in attendance to hear Ray Jordan, a nationally know speaker, touch a little bit on the genealogy or evolution of Koi, discuss and demonstrate how a koi can change and how different […]

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Pond Opening & Pond Protection

St. Patrick’s Day brought us plenty of sunshine and fifty-two participants attending Joe Barson’s lecture on Pond Opening and Pond Protection.  Joe, with the aid of handouts and his top ten list of key pond points, held everyone’s attention.  Key points included such topics as Spring Clean Up, Water Quality, Filtration, Koi Health, Feeding and […]

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2011 Planning Meeting

With a brisk autumn wind blowing and temperatures dropping met only one thing.  Our pond season is coming to an end.  One task left to do was to meet and reminisce on our 2011 events and plan for 2012.  Sixteen members met at the home of Dick and Vikki Kulis.  After a hardy lunch creative […]

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2011 Plant Exchange

The drive to Oxford may have seemed long for some, but once there, you were not disappointed.  As you arrived at the Daniel’s home, the talents of Chef Ervin at his BBQ filled the air.  As you entered the backyard the natural setting of rolling hills and acres of woods put you in a very relaxing […]

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Hoe Down

Hoe Down MDP&GC Style

This year’s annual joint cook out hosted by the Detroit club was another great success.  The theme was a Western Hoe Down.  As you approached the Smith’s ranch, (home) you knew you were in the right place.  The front of the garage was converted into a Saloon entrance that led […]

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2011 Koi Auction

Derik and I had the privilege of hosting this year’s Koi Auction. As in past the 2011 event proved to be a huge success. The weather cooperated, the hot dogs and ice cream were plentiful, the biding was consistent, and our guests were enthusiastic.

Thank you Jerry Hodak (where ever you are) for […]

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