It really doesn’t take long to get used to this winter weather in southern California.  On average daytime mid 60’s and mid to low 50’s at night.

The Koi show is held annually at the Del Mar Fair Grounds located off of I-5 just north of San Diego and fifteen miles south of our house.   Sue and I were well received at registration as smiles widened when we checked in and turned over the MKPC Friendship Stone.  I believe they recognized “the Rock” before us but were also glad to see us.

The show consisted of 37 vendors, 49 show tanks that housed the 361 Koi that were entered into competition.  The four judges and two candidate judges headed up by Jim Reilly from New Jersey did a remarkable job in completing the judging in a timely manner.  With free admission along with a dog show and a flower show in other buildings, a good crowd was on hand all day.  I heard a group of ladies from the dog show remark “wow these judges are tougher than our judges”.  You can see by the picture that Ron did well at the dog show.

The evening banquet was held at the Karl Strauss Brewery in San Diego.  This is a great venue with good food and a beautiful setting.  We made a lot of new friends and are looking forward to taking in a few of their monthly events.  Our high light of the evening was presenting our friendship award to Galen Hansen of El Cajon, CA.  We selected Galen’s Doitsu Sanke over a Midorigoi because of the Sanke’s great markings and beautiful color.  To wrap up the evening a raffle was held and lady luck was on our side as we won a few items.

Before long spring will be upon us and we will be heading east.  Hope to see you all at the May event.

Ron & Sue Kardynski