Thanks to Ray Jordan, speaker at our April event, and thanks to our wonderful hosts, Bruce and Debbie Modetz, we had an enjoyable educational seminar.

Thirty-four were in attendance to hear Ray Jordan, a nationally know speaker, touch a little bit on the genealogy or evolution of Koi, discuss and demonstrate how a koi can change and how different it will look at one year, at 2 yrs 3 yrs, etc. and what to look for when looking for quality in a Koi.  He also talked about preparing Koi for entering a Koi Show and what the judges look at and how points are awarded at the show.  Body confirmation, quality and color of skin and the gracefulness of the Koi as it glides through the water were attributes discussed.

Thank you to all attended! Ray and I enjoyed the fellowship as much as the seminar.

        Teri Alexander