What a great meeting. Ellen and Myron drove up from Iowa to be at our first MKPC meeting of the year. Myron gave us a brief history on how they evolved from a family farm (almost 100 yrs old) to a Koi farm. Myron could talk all day on filtration and water quality. He spoke about the momotaro media they have been promoting and what this media is. We also heard about the new Kloubec Koi Food that has been developed. Ellen spoke about the different varieties of non-gosanke koi, quite a few of which they produce.

What I enjoyed hearing was how easily Myron could talk about the science behind what he is doing and producing, and the studies and facts that support what he is saying.

Bruce provided lunch for us, all very good as it always is, especially dessert.

The meeting ended with a raffle. Ray had a couple items vendors had donated plus we had quite a few items donated by the Kloubecs. Some members were quite lucky that day.

Great start to a new year of ponding.

Teri Alexander