Mat, McCann, the breeder and general manager of Nisei Koi Farm (Quality Koi Farm) located in New Jersey, gave a slide presentation on the process that is involved in breeding and subsequently producing koi of good quality. Nisei Koi Farm breeds their own Koi using parent fish that were purchased from Japan and some parent fish that are on lease from a koi farm in Japan. As Mat explained, he may start with 1-3 million fry after breeding but due to space and the financial aspect of raising 1-3 million fry, koi farms cull the fry several times as they grow, keeping only those that they feel have good potential. What they look for as they cull depends on the variety of koi they want to produce. But, one of the primary attributes Mat looks for during culling is the quality of the skin on these small koi. After several culls, he reaches a final count of 100-200 koi. Mat has worked for Nisei Koi Farm for 14 years now and is the only one who does “cull”. Then there is the general care of the Koi which includes maintaining a good environment for the fish and providing high-quality food for good growth. After the slide presentation, Mat answered questions from club members. At the conclusion of this event, we went outside to view 8 Showas that were brought to show as examples of what the Nisei Koi Farm is now producing. Members had the opportunity to purchase these koi. He also explained what the process is if a customer wanted to “grow out” a koi at his farm. If you were not interested in a Showa, he also had Kohakus and Sankes that could be purchased and left in the mud ponds to grow out. If anyone is interested, contact Quality Koi Farm. Many of the koi hi currently had can be viewed on Facebook.

Ray Alexander