How was our May meeting on solar energy, everyone who attended loved it, to sum it up in one word it was “phenomenal” If you missed this meeting you most likely missed the best club outing we will have this year.

Homeowner Conrad Richards and Mark Haggerty from Michigan Solar solutions did a great job of explaining the feasibility of using Solar to run our ponds and or water features.

The theme for our meeting was “what we thought as the impossible has now become the possible”.

The biggest surprise to most of us is just how affordable solar now is, like most things as solar continues to grow out of it infancy, moving into the mainstream, the quality has gone up and the price has come down.

As Mark and Conrad explained there are two types of solar we might want to consider, on-grid vs off-grid.

Off-grid, a true off-grid system requires a bank of lead acid batteries that are charged by the solar panels, the heavier the load the more panels and batteries you will need to run your system. (Conrad has 2 solar panels on his system)

On-grid systems, are designed to provide decades of trouble-free electricity provided by the sun. With an on-grid system when you produce more power than you need, you not only will have no electrical bill to pay, your extra power will be stored for you in the grid as a credit.

If you want to find out if solar is right for you contact mark at “” or call mark Haggerty at 248 520-2474.  If you know your load you can email that information to Mark, he will email you back with a quote telling you what you need as well as the cost that will allow you to do it yourself or he can install the system for you.

if you subscribe to Koi USA, the May/June issue contain a wonderful article on page 30, written by Eric Castillo, entitled “Koi pond owners save $$ with solar energy” I love the way the article ends with the statement, “your Koi have the pond they deserve, and you are swimming in saving”

Yes, the impossible has now become the possible, it’s reliable and affordable, could solar be in your future?