Tri-State ZNA Koi Club Presented the Second Annual Koi Show

Ray, Paul Baresi and I traveled to Long Island to help a friend with his Club’s Koi Show.  For Ray and I, the weekend had 2 highlights.   The first was the time we got to spend with Paul.  Driving 12 hrs together to Long Island and then another 12 hrs back home again gave us plenty of time to talk, laugh and really enjoy each others company.  Spending 3 ½ days together at the Koi Show venue was a pleasure.  It was also a lot of work during the day, but relaxing in the evening as we met fellow koi hobbyists from the New York area, had meals together, barbequed, had a pig roast, etc.  Members of the Tri-State Club were very friendly and hospitable.  We have a couple of invitations to stay at ZNA members homes should we decide to return for another show.

The second highlight was at the banquet.  The 2 judges for the show were ZNA judges from Japan instead of from the USA.  They brought a gift for all the ladies at the banquet, seemed to have a great sense of humor, provided material explaining the meaning behind the Koi socks that hang on sticks, and taught us a song.  Taro Kodama was on hand to interpret so it was nice seeing him too.  The judges closed the banquet by having us all rise to our feet and say “bonsai” three times as we did “the wave”.  Apparently this is a tradition at many ZNA banquets.

The show was kind of quiet, not many people came through so we had plenty of time to talk with vendors, and not just about Koi or ponds.   The ZNA Club had collected donations from various vendors and was able to offer a free gift to the children that came to the Show.  Each child received a small aquarium from Tetra Ponds, as well as a shabumpkin goldfish, a koi poster, a fish pen and a small packet of fish food in a nice shoulder bag, all donated from Kloubec Koi Farm.  The kids were quite excited and hopefully we encouraged a few to become future koi and goldfish keepers.

There were beautiful Koi entered into the Show, many quite large ones.  We chose a showa for our friendship award, and the proud owner of this showa was Joe DaSilva.

Teri Alexander