The MPKS – Midwest Pond & Koi Society held it’s 19th Annual Koi & Goldfish Show in Darien IL.  Six of our members attended the show with everyone accomplishing some goals.  The Alexander’s entered three of their Koi in competition and were not disappointed.  Their Asagi/Shusui over 26” won the Judges Award and also Best in Variety.  Their Seragoi came in second in Gin Rin “B” size 5 20-24”

It looks like we may be adding a few new members to roster very soon.  While at the show we met two couples interested in joining our club and we didn’t even have to twist an arm.  Matt & Jena from Canton and Mary & Terry from Saginaw.

We also made various venders happy with our purchases.  What can we say but the best contacts and deals are made by attending Koi shows.

The six of us were unanimous in selecting Dave DeWalls Gin Rin Ochiba Toncho “B” to receive our MKPC Friendship Stone.  Selecting a goldfish for our Friendship Stone was a little more difficult we finally narrowed it down to two a Jikin and a Telescope.  With a split vote it came down to Teri and Lisa Rummel was awarded our stone for her Telescope.

Beside Ray winning the Judges Award another hi-light of the banquet was hearing the people chant “the Rock” when Ray presented our Friendship Stone Award.  It appears that our Friendship Stone has gained us a solid, as a rock reputation at various Koi Shows.