The Story Behind the MKPC

The MKPC was founded March of 1996 after the founder, Gil Orris, took some advice from a pond supply store on how to get rid of algae in his pond which resulted in the death of every fish in his pond except one. After losing 15 mature Koi he felt there had to be a better way to learn about the hobby and that others in the area were probably also experiencing “learning pains” and may want to join in. Seventeen people attended that first meeting at his home and the club has met continuously since then, enjoying, seeing and learning about the many members ponds and gardens.

We are one of the oldest and largest Koi and pond clubs in Michigan and a member of The Associated Koi Clubs of America, AKCA. We have produced an annual pond and water garden tour since 1998 with homes representing at least 20 communities and have had well over 5000 people learn a little about our hobby through these tours. We have also produced 3 different educational programs using slides, video and computer technology on our hobby that have been presented to various groups and are available to other groups at a modest fee. We have members just learning about the hobby that have yet to have their first pond to members with 3 decades of experience in the hobby. Some members have very small ponds with either a few or even no fish to one of the largest being a beautiful garden with half a dozen ponds from 1000 gallons up to one of 25,000 gallons and more Koi than you can easily count. We welcome members to our club regardless of whether you are a newcomer or an experienced pond keeper. We all have something to give and knowledge to share. We feel our newsletter and web site are part of our educational mission.



Over the years our club has been blessed to be affiliated with many knowledgeable vendors. The first association we developed was with Wiegands nursery in Macomb Township, and have been very fortunate to have had the support and help of others such as Barsons Greenhouse, Bordines, English Gardens, Grass Roots Nursery, The Pond Place, Tropical Treasures, Wiegand’s, and others.

We have had award winning displays and presented educational events at the Bloomfest at Cobo Hall, the Ann Arbor Garden Show, a Koi Health and Wet Lab Seminar with Vicki Vaughn, organized the 2009 KOI Symposium and had Kodama Koi Academy I and II. On Labor Day weekend 2012, the MKPC held it’s first Koi Show.

New members and guests are always welcome. Persons interested in attending a club event can look on this website and/or contact our webmaster. We encourage you to attend and learn about this fascinating, enjoyable, and rapidly growing hobby, and to share your knowledge and experiences with us!