MKPC member Paul Baresi shared his many years of Bonsai artistry. Paul started with a short lecture on the history of Bonsai, the do’s and don’ts and the tools he will be using. His first cut was to get the Hinoki Spruce tree to a manageable size. Dee of Milford Gardens, who donated the tree, grimaced in pain as she watched two thirds of the tree gets cut down. Paul gently rakes dirt and trims roots from the root ball as he readies it for replanting. Next was the artist at work trimming, wiring and shaping the tree. The finished Bonsai was then auctioned off and claimed by Mike and Sylvia Paddy. Dick Kulis was also a proud two time raffle winner showing off his new Gin Rin Showa and Ultra Balance hat. 

Thanks to Joe and Debbie Barson’s of Barson’s Greenhouse for hosting this event.