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2015 MKPC Pond Tour

MKPC 2015 Pond and Water Garden Tour 

Six beautiful ponds and gardens located in the communities of Pleasant Ridge and Huntington Woods were a pleasure to visit.  This tour is dedicated to Paul Baresi, who had been a dear friend and fellow hobbyist to many in this […]
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2014 MKPC Pond Tour

MKPC 2014 Pond and Water Garden Tour 

Every July is the time of year we choose a city or area in Southeast Michigan for our Annual Pond and Water Garden Tour.   In 2014, we had eight wonderful ponds in the city of Livonia.  Our starting location was the home of one of our long time and […]

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2013 MKPC Pond Tour

There were 9 wonderful ponds on this year’s MKPC Pond and Water Garden Tour.  Thank you to Mary Lou & Jack Susami, Dave & Pat Neil, Nanette & Frank Reid, Kim Craig, Betti & Ken Pool, Donna & Jim Comer, Carol & James Taylor, Ernestine & Rick Venable, and Cindy & Dominick Schiano for sharing […]

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2012 Mini Pond Tour & Landscaping

The Mini Pond Tour was very enjoyable.  Thanks to Fred Mitschke for finding 3 great ponds.  Teri and I had never seen Christa Zugg’s pond or met her although we had heard about her place, and her home was the first stop.  These 3 ponds were worth the drive!  Many members from Metro Detroit Pond […]

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2011 Pond Tour

Perfect weather, a great group of MKPC volunteers and over 320 attendees made this years Pond Tour in the Bloomfield area a huge success.  The E. L. Johnson Nature Center was an ideal starting point.  

But the hi-light of the day was the nine home owners that […]

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