Club Events

How to Quarantine Your Koi

Every so often, you will come across a Koi that you can’t resist and just have to buy, but how do you know that this fish isn’t carrying harmful diseases that could spread to your […]

Japan Through the Eyes of Dick Thomas

See Japan through the Eyes of Dick Thomas
Speaker: Dick Thomas
April 23, 2016 @ 1pm

Go on a trip for the day with Dick Thomas, fellow hobbyist, ZNA Assistant Certified Koi Judge and ZNA NA District Chair, and see […]

Solar Presentation – May 2015

How was our May meeting on solar energy, everyone who attended loved it, to sum it up in one word it was “phenomenal” If you missed this meeting you most likely missed the best club […]

March 2015 – Ellen and Myron of Kloubec Koi Farm

What a great meeting. Ellen and Myron drove up from Iowa to be at our first MKPC meeting of the year. Myron gave us a brief history on how they evolved from a family farm […]

May 17, 2014 – Breeding and Producing Quality Koi in America

Mat, McCann, the breeder and general manager of Nisei Koi Farm (Quality Koi Farm) located in New Jersey, gave a slide presentation on the process that is involved in breeding and subsequently producing koi of […]

Sand Gravel Filter

If you missed the class, you missed a treat. I think the SG class was great. There were six new filters made by Bruce Modetz, Mary Schraffenberger, Ray Alexander, Ervin Daniels, Antonette Daniels and Paul […]