While in Florida for the Central Florida Koi Show, Ervin Daniels made arrangements for our small group of MKPC members to tour the grounds of the Blackwater Creek Koi Farm located near Orlando. We learned that Blackwater Creek also has a second farm up near Tallahasee.

The day was grey with light rain but that didn’t stop this group. As we arrived, we noted that owners Joe and Chery Pawlak actually live on this property. Their home is in the front and the Koi Farm is behind. Chery Pawlak gave us the tour of this site, including the ponds, the shipping area and food packaging station. Pet goats followed us all around the ponds. We then were taken to another property 1 mile away which held quite a few larger ponds for koi and goldfish. Each pond has a specific purpose such as all male breeding fish or all female breeding fish or pond grade vs. premium fish and so forth. One employee was in the process of culling one of the ponds so we observed the culling station and their culling process.

As we toured, we saw first hand some of the predators that the koi farm deals with – egrets, a couple different types of heron, fish hawks, the kingfisher bird and surprisingly, bear. We saw bear prints in the mud on the far ponds.

Always interesting to see something new and learn something new. Here are a few pictures.

Teri Alexander